About Us

At Simplify Technology we believe that all seniors can use technology to improve their quality of life! The online world contains huge amounts of information and services that can help you live easier. We help seniors of all experience levels understand and navigate the ‘digital world’.

Personalised Service

We understand that everyone has different needs , this is why we tailor our service to suit your needs. This means a thoughtful approach to ensure you are engaged throughout the process.

Face to face assistance

Sometimes talking over the phone just doesn’t cut it. Our specialist can provide in-home service to those who need extra assistance or who are unable to travel.

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Technology Services

SENIOR - In Home & Remote Support |

SENIOR - In Home & Remote Support

Computer setup and repair |

Computer setup and repair

Printer setup |

Printer setup

Network setup |

Network setup

Tablet support |

Tablet support

Speaker |


Computer Training |

Computer Training

Business hours

  • Mon - Friday 8.30 Am - 5.00 Pm
  • Weekends Closed